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The Launching Ceremony of 2016 Summer School Education of CUIT

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The launching ceremony of the firstSummer School Education of CUITwhich attracted 8 Professors from the United States, Japan, Italy, Canada, France, Serbia and 313 students of Excellence Engineering Education Program, was held in the academic report hall. President Zhou Jiliu addressed on the launching ceremony and granted employment certificates to the distinguished professors. Directors of Teaching Affairs Office, International Office, Publicity Office, Student Affairs Office, CUIT League Committee, Directors of Electronic Engineering College, Computer Science College, Information Security Engineering College, Software Engineering College, Telecommunication Engineering College, Optoelectronic Technology College, Control Engineering College and Resource and Environment College attended the launching ceremony which was hosted by Vice President He Jianxin.

Zhou Jiliu expressed warm welcome to the visiting professors and teachers and students from CUIT and then introduced the development history and students information to the professors. He encouraged CUIT students to take active participation in the event and enhance their critical thinking and innovation consciousness.

Zhou Jiliu granted certificates of Distinguished Experts of 2016 Summer School Education of CUIT to professors who are giving lectures in this activity.

On behalf of distinguished professors, Delbert D Willie from Colorado State University addressed in the launching ceremony and on behalf of CUIT students, Ni Mingchen from Electronic Engineering College also had a speech in the launching ceremony.

The 2016 Summer School Education of CUIT, including a series of classes, theme lectures, seminars and the student exchange activities between CUIT students and students of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, will last till 22nd July. The Summer School Education will become a brand of CUIT for it is a great way of improving students quality and the internationalization of CUIT.

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