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The Opening Ceremony of ISCS held in CUIT

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Hosted by China Meteorological Administration and National Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, and organized by National Climate Centre and Chengdu University of Information Technology, the 13th International Seminar on Climate System and Climate Change,ISCS was open in CUIT on July 11, 2016. The opening ceremony was hosted by Chao Qing Chen, Associated Director of National Climate Centre.


President of the International Seminar on Climate System and Climate Change, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qin Dahe, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of China Meteorological Administration to professors and students both home and abroad and introduced the widely-concerned questions on climate change.

He stressed that the problem of climate change is attracting worldwide concern for it had exerted great influence on global ecosystem and human society. Human beings should take positive actions and adapt effective ways to prevent negative changes in order to make a more prosperous and sustainable future world. He hoped that more and more young people could join in the research team on climate change by using ISCS as the platform and deepen their knowledge on climate system and climate change.

President Zhou Jiliu pointed out that CUIT has a long history of 65 years on meteorology research and talents cultivation. The 13thInternational Seminar on Climate System and Climate Change would further enhance our research strength and our international cooperation in this area.

On the opening ceremony, Qin Dahe granted Distinguished Professor Certificates to Nancy Bertler, Associate Professor of the Joint Research Center on the South Pole of New Zealand, and Patrick Sheridan, Professor of NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory of American.

Five International famous scientists including Professor Nancy Bertler from New Zealand and Professor Patrick Sheridan from American will have lectures in the 13thInternational Seminar on Climate System and Climate Change and more than 180 international students from 12 counties will join the lectures.

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