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Professor Putnam from UNH Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT

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Professor Putnam from University of New Hampshire gave an academic lecture entitled Changing Construction Standards in US Criminal Procedure during the Late 20th Century. More than a hundred teachers and students attended and had heated discussion with the professor.

Putnam introduced the classification of legal cases, all kinds of institutions that legal system involves (Law Enforcement Agencies, Procuratorate, Court, Prison and Criminal Records Institute, etc), information flow in the process of a case, challenges and difficulties of information sharing, and how to utilize modern information technology to share information across institutes.

In the lecture, Putnam also had a communication with teachers and students about privacy protection, how to act when the information of a case is related to national security and how to use information security technology to serve for legal cases. In the end, Putnam answered questions on studying in USA with patience.

This lecture offered a great chance for teachers and students of CUIT to better understand legal system of US and the application of modern information technology in legal fields.

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