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Professor Mary Anne LustGraaf from UNH Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT

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The lecture entitled Innovation in Student Leadership Programs and Measuring Their Educational Outcomes given by Professor Mary Anne Lustgraaf,Director of Student Affairs of the University of New Hampshire, was held in classroom 1213 of Long Quan Campus with the attendance of more than 80 teachers and students from Management College, which was hosted by Li Guiqin, Associate Dean of Management College.

Mary Anne shared with CUIT students how to cultivate students' leadership, and through the case study of students organization construction at UNH, She showed how to develop students’ ability through leadership training, leadership education and so on. In the Lecture, teachers and students proposed various questions, and actively communicated with Mary Anne in a warm atmosphere.

This lecture is conducive to teachers and students to broaden the international perspective, widen working ideas, improve communication ability, and to promote the development of innovation of the student communities.

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