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Over many years’ endeavors of construction, “Basic Principles of Marxism” was rated as the university-level fine key course; “Maoism & The Localization of Communism in China” as the university-level fine course; “Ideological and Moral Cultivation & Fundamentals of Law” as the university-level excellent course, and “The Essentials of Modern & Contemporary History in China” as the university-level excellent course construction project. In addition, “Basic Principles of Marxism” was recommended by CUIT to be evaluated as provincial-level fine key course.

Our college takes active role in promoting the research and reform of the ideological and political theory education. We have hosted and participated in quite a few provincial & school-level teaching reform tasks; we have also written several relevant teaching materials: Situation & Policy Basics by the Science Press (2010, 2016), Readings of Selected Books and Articles on Ideological & Political Theory by the University of Electronic Science and Technology Press (2012). In 2013, we published Practical Teaching of Ideological and Political Theory.

In addition, Situation & Policy Basics has been promoted and used in quite a few universities nationwide and was well rated. It also received a provincial-level teaching achievement prize.

As training of the teachers was enhanced, along with group lesson planning and a variety of rich practical teaching activities, the teaching quality and effectiveness was ensured with good comments from experts and students.

Our college will continue to strengthen the teaching research and reform, to give our faculty’s initiative and creativity full play and to make even greater efforts in constructing ideological and political theory courses as excellent classes that would never be forgotten as good spiritual resources, and that would benefit our students, win their love.

Our college follow the Marxist spirit, being “practical and realistic”, keep the good tradition of pursuing excellency and being particular about work and have formed the idea of “producing thoughts, studying politics, cultivating talents and achieving accomplishments”. We put central emphasis on teaching, and have always reinforced the construction work of research. We want to show the scientificity of our course content, increase the persuasiveness of the in-class instruction in order to increase its pertinence and effectiveness.

“Marxist Theories” was rated by CUIT as the key subject to be supported. It has received relevant funds to be constructed. In recent years, the faculty members have hosted and participated in more than 20 provincial and school-level projects, published more than 10 academic monographs, among which, over 100 academic papers were published in the nationwide well-known academic journals such as “Marxism and Reality”, “Studies in the Dialectics of Nature” etc. Among them, over 10 papers were reprinted by RDFY and over 20 were collected by CSSCI.

In 2010, Jiang Junwen was funded by the social sciences general research projects of the Ministry of Education. In 2014, Gong Xiuyong and Liao Yu were funded by the National Social Science Foundation respectively. The Harmonious Thoughts of Localized Marxism coauthored by Jiang Junwen received the second prize in the 14th appraisal of social science excellent research achievements. The Socialist Culture and University Cultural Construction coauthored by Lai Tinqian and Gong Xiuyong received the third prize in the 14th provincial appraisal of philosophical social science excellent research achievements. We have actively conducted academic communications and co-operations with research institutes from other provinces and have maintained good relationships with them. Moreover, we have founded the college-wide academic exchange platform-Marxist Theory Academic Saloon to host regular activities, which has formed a strong academic research atmosphere.

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